Waylon Yeh


Brief info

Waylon Yeh started Fortress Factoring in Lithuania in 2020 with the goal of promoting Lithuania’s foreign trade by offering services such as trade and investment matching, billing management, and factoring to importers and exporters, allowing them to expand their international clientele.

Yeh is intimately familiar with the Lithuanian and Eastern and Central European trade environment, having worked in Lithuania since 2017 and accumulating a wide range of contacts in politics and business. He was previously with IBS Holding Limited, where he served as Global Vice President and Chairman of the Board of IBS Lithuania, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBS, to develop payment and financial technology businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and other markets.

Before his entry to Lithuania, Yeh was a long-time employee at IBM, managing the IT service markets in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and raising the gross margin of his department to the highest within the company. Back then, he was already an advocate of digital transformation for Taiwanese enterprises, seeing the need for international expansion and increased market reach to create truly world-class competitive enterprises in Taiwan.

Yeh holds a graduate degree from the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California.

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