Trade Services and Factoring

We cover a wide range of trade and financial services, our experience and expertise can help you navigate the increasing complexities of international trades.

We offer customize services


If you are "Exporter"

  • We provide credit guarantees to importers, so that exporters can export goods safely in the way of Open Account once their creditor’s rights are secured.
  • We provide exporters with accounts receivable financing services, and if exporters need working capital loan service, Fortress can provide AR financing services for exporters’ accounts receivables.
  • We provide intermittent importer credit investigation reports to help exporters evaluate the credit status of transactions.
  • We provide services such as collection and ledgering.

If you are an "Importer"

  • Importers who obtain the credit guarantee provided by Fortress can use it to negotiate better payment terms with their upstream (exporters).

If you are a "Bank, Factor, or Credit Insurance Company"

  • We sincerely welcome financial institutions from various countries to cooperate with Fortress. Fortress’s Factoring Blockchain Solution can help financial institutions obtain clients in the financial system of trade between Taiwan and Europe.
  • The functions of financial institutions include: providing buyer’s credit limits, providing financing to exporters, or providing services such as buyer’s credit insurance in the form of insurance policies.

If you are a "Forwarder"

  • Forwarders are also welcome to join our lineup. Forwarders can help clients to strengthen their services to customers in the financial sector while enhancing the transparency of trades, thereby increasing the willingness of financial institutions to raise funds for exporters.

We create innovative trade financial services
with our advanced blockchain technology

Fortress has completed development on a “blockchain solution system”, which can link different entities including banks, accounts receivable management companies, international credit insurance companies, freight forwarders, and import and export manufacturers.

Exporters can seek out financial institutions on the chain that are willing to bear the credit risk of importers or banks that are willing to provide factoring financing. Also, the exchange of data and signing contracts between financial institutions or the exchange of data between forwarders can be executed on the chain to ensure the security of the data.

Fortress has a set of mature Factoring application systems that can be used by accounts receivable management companies and banks around the world, as well as another system allowing exporters to connect to the blockchain at any time to directly interact with us, making the data exchange process safe and reliable.

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