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Chien Yung-Kuang has an extensive and diversified career in the financial industry, holding management roles at various foreign and domestic banks including: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (Japan), J.P. Morgan Chase Taiwan (USA), Boston Bank (USA), Silkway Enterprises (Philippines), Manufacturers Hanover Corporation (USA), Standard Chartered Bank (UK), Bank of New York (USA), Bank SinoPac, and Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank.

Chien is still highly active in finance and diplomacy, his current positions including: senior advisor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, chairman of the board of directors of Limao Consulting Co., consultant at the Mainland Affairs Council, a master teacher at the Overseas Community Affairs Council, financial legal consultant at the Straits Exchange Foundation, representative of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiwan, and an honorary lecturer at Universidad Galileo in Guatemala.

Chien is also a prolific author and has written many best-selling books including The Interactive Environment and Prospects of Cross-Strait Banking, How to Use OBU to Expand Business Opportunities for Overseas Taiwanese and Overseas Chinese Businesses, How to Use OBU to Conduct International Trade, and China's Macroeconomic Strategies and the Responses of Taiwanese Businesses.

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