Junior Tsung


Brief info

Tsung Shu-Jen has worked in the field of factoring for two decades. He has served as a lecturer at the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance and Aletheia University as well as a consultant in factoring and supply chain finance for numerous banks throughout Taiwan and China.

Tsung is a long-time observer of international trade trends and financial services and currently holds managerial and consultancy positions at various companies. He has taken part in the establishment of large, state-owned factoring companies in free trade zones in Tianjin and Chongqing, China, as well as serves as their chief advisor.

Tsung is the author of the book The History and Current Status of Factoring Business Development Across the Taiwan Strait, which explores in-depth the development of the factoring industry in Taiwan and China and serves as training material for many factoring companies.

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